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I was caught taking a shoe selfie.

Franey Trail
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
July 9, 2014

The scariest goddamn thing that has ever come out of my mouth is “I love you.” Because when I tell people I love them, I’m telling them I need them, the way I need blood pumped to my heart and a little sunshine in the middle of winter, they are essential to myself and my happiness. When and if that person disappears out of my life, that part of me that was essentially theirs and ours has to stumble into a cave somewhere and hibernate for awhile until it can roll back over and put up with all of this shit. Being strong and independent is easy. Admitting that you need takes real and more elusive courage.

“I hate lectures. Within the first five minutes, I am checked out,” said Humphrey, a student who prefers using class time for in-depth discussions. “Digital stuff is always better than someone talking at me.”

From cellular mitosis to using semicolons, most subjects have remedial material that is important to know and difficult for professors to translate into a creative lecture or an active discussion. If these dull-but-necessary lessons migrate out of the classroom, professors can use the extra time for more creative, complicated and nuanced topics.